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Manufacturing of various Product out of Waste Plastic (NDP)

Pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis is a chemical recycling process of heating plastic waste without oxygen such that it breaks down the longer chain polymers into shorter chain materials. These products can then be further processed into chemicals feedstocks or fuels. Pyrolysis can be more effective than the traditional mechanical recycling process of melting as it does not degrade the quality of the final plastic and requires less intensive sorting of the initial waste.

Uses & Applications

Pyrolysis oil is the end product of waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis. Pyrolysis oil is widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel. The TCD or Pyrolysis process is very successful in producing the pyrolysis oil from different feedstock. The pyrolysis oil has the fuel properties having some similarities with the diesel fuel.The calorific values for tyre and plastic pyrolysis oil are approximately 43225.9 and 46199.12 kJ/kg respectively which are approximately equal to diesel fuel that i.e. 45814.74 kJ/kg. Also, the viscosities for tyre and plastic oil are approximately 2.7 and 2.5 cP respectively which were in the range of viscosity between 1-4.11 cP observed for diesel. The flash point for tyre and plastic pyrolysis oil was observed as 68 and 100 0C which were nearly equal to diesel fuel i.e. 70 0C in case of tyre oil while it was slightly high for plastic pyrolysis oil. Also, the pyrolysis oil can be used for engine use as fuel by the upgradation techniques like vacuum distillation, thermal cracking, blending, microemulsion etc.
Application for Pyrolysis liquid fuel oil
End use for gas

Properties of Pyrolysis Oil

Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 43,225.9
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 46,199.12
Diesel Oil : 45,814.74
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 84.67
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 83.79
Diesel Oil : 87
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 10.44
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 11.36
Diesel Oil : 13
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 4.17
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 2
Diesel Oil : N.a
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : N.a
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 0.03
Diesel Oil : N.a
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : ≤1
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : N.a
Diesel Oil : N.a
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 0.924
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 0.8147
Diesel Oil : 0.7994
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 2.69
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 2.49
Diesel Oil : 1-4.11
Tire Pyrolysis Oil : 68
Plastic Pyrolysis Oil : 100
Diesel Oil : 70

Source: Wongkhorsub C, Chindaprasert N. A Comparison of the Use of Pyrolysis Oils in Diesel. Engine Energy and Power Engineering, 2013; (5):350-355.

N.a – Not Determined